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LOGO Auto repair

Your scheduled maintenance service includes the checking of fluids, oil changes, spark plug inspections, and other important check-ups.


Count on us to completely inspect your car and replace essential parts so that you can enjoy driving your car for years to come.

Every 30,000, 60,000, and 90,000 miles, your car needs a complete overhaul and scheduled maintenance service.


Hawk's Prairie Automotive of Lacey, WA comes with 29 years of experience in offering top-quality scheduled auto repairs.

Expert Scheduled Maintenance Services

Outstanding Auto Repair Services in Lacey, WA

  • Transmission service

  • Coolant flush

  • Differential service

  • Timing belts, spark plugs, and plug wires

  • Oil changes and fluid checks

  • Road trip inspections

  • Air conditioning

Detailed Scheduled Maintenance Services

Hawk's Prairie Automotive also provides tire and auto repair services for the residents of Olympia, Lacey, and DuPont. Ask for your FREE brake inspection on most cars and light trucks when you come in. Call us today at 360-456-8000 to schedule your appointment.

Skilled auto repairs and tire services

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